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Read Andrew Sullivan's provocative cover article. Do you agree with him? Must we be in community or can we follow Jesus solo?





How the Church was Left Behind
ep1 In a time when more people are spiritual but nobody's religious any more, what are churches good for? Why don't people come to church? As the "church" was woven into the American Dream, it lost Jesus' counter-cultural voice on justice and care of the marginalized. It lost the mission everyone assumed it served and became mostly about worship on Sunday morning.
Episode 1
Our Iceberg is Melting

Moderate and progressive Christians lost their voice in the media decades ago. Now the media show Christians with extreme positions who become the stereotypes and caricatures. Church resources are being outpaced by expenses. Membership is dwindling. Sometimes we have to let things break before people are willing to fix them. Is that the case with Christian churches?
Episode 2

Finding Jesus in the church
Ep3 He’s here somewhere! Why do Americans look for spirituality anywhere but in a Christian church? Why are churches no longer pillars of ethics and values? Even keeping buildings open is becoming impossible under the old once-a-week model. Congregations are struggling to survive. What keeps them going, and what outcomes do they think are possible?
Episode 3
Buckle Up for Transformation

Is survival of the church institution more important than propagating Jesus’ way of life? Not according to anything Jesus said. Have we become like the privileged Pharisees Jesus called out? How do “members” become intentional followers of Jesus, doing his work in the world? Why would anyone choose to live a religious life today?
Episode 4


a film by Rick Johnson
a presentation of The Episcopal Church, Diocese of California
The Right Rev. Marc Andrus, Bishop


Agree? Disagree?
Want more conversation about what it means to follow Jesus today?

Get people together to watch the film and ask, "What is your community focused on?"

Do persons in your community truly aspire to live the faith and values of Jesus? Or do you find yourself in a membership based organization with good intentions, but little to show in the world.

Hear what the Spirit is saying to the church.




Filmmaker Rick Johnson shooting a worship service at Grace Cathedral, San Francisco